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Top 5 Coffee Spots in Tokyo

I have recently started discovering the extensive coffee scene in Japan's capital! Below are my Top 5 picks around the city (in alphabetical order) - let me know if you have any other favourites!

  1. BONGEN, Ginza

  2. Jubilee Coffee & Roaster, Shirokane

  3. Little Darling Coffee Roasters, Nogizaka

  4. Onibus, Nakameguro

  5. Shozo Coffee Store, Omotesando



  • Tucked away down a side street in Ginza, the cafe’s interiors are inspired by traditional Japanese design, with a Bonsai tree at the back; highly recommend their “Japanese lattes” - including matcha latte, amazake soy latte, roasted green tea latte, and more!

  • Walk-in only


Jubilee Coffee & Roaster

  • A stunning cafe located opposite Teien Art Museum, where you can enjoy the beautiful greenery and natural lighting from their large glass windows

  • Walk-in only


Little Darling Coffee Roasters

  • The LA-inspired complex with a large astroturf green outdoor area - the perfect spot to enjoy a cup of carefully selected and roasted coffee on a sunny day

  • Walk-in only



  • Their name is derived from “ONIBUS”, which means “public bus” with the hope to connect people through coffee; their Nakameguro branch is located next to a park, and has a tranquil veranda covered in green

  • Walk-in only


Shozo Coffee Store



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