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Top 5 Restaurants in Okinawa

Making a trip to the main island of tropical Okinawa? Make sure to rent a car to check out my Top 5 picks (in alphabetical order). Scroll down for more info!

  1. BACAR, Italian

  2. Captain Kangaroo, Hamburger

  3. EIBUN, Modern Okinawa noodles

  4. Five Star Deli, Sandwiches

  5. Mexico, Tacos



  • This popular Italian restaurant in Naha features locally sourced seasonal ingredients - make sure to order their signature pizzas!

  • Book via phone: +81(0)98-863-5678

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps


Captain Kangaroo

  • This hamburger joint has been selected by Tabelog’s Top 100 Burger Spots in Japan! They moved locations in October last year - its old address is now their sister restaurant that specialises in “taco rice”, so make sure you don’t confuse the two!

  • Walk-in only

  • Facebook | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • "EIBUN" specialises in Okinawa soba with a modern twist - they are renowned for their delicious umami-filled dashi soup that is prepared by cooking pork bones in low heat for over 8 hours!

  • Walk-in only (best to queue 20 minutes before open time to avoid a long wait)

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps


Five Star Deli

  • This American deli in Okinawa is the closest you’ll get to the real deal, particularly popular amongst those working in the US military and their families - their Reuben sandwiches are must-tries.l

  • Walk--in only

  • Facebook | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • This Mexican restaurant in Okinawa is called - wait for it - Mexico! They have only been serving one dish here since they opened in 1977, and that’s their signature tacos.

  • Walk-in only

  • Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



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