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Top 5 Restaurants in Karuizawa

Karuizawa is a stunning town in Nagano Prefecture, popular for both domestic and international tourists looking to venture out of the metropolitan city to relax in the verdant outdoors. Below are my Top 5 picks (in alphabetical order) from a walk-in lunch to an introduction-only dinner, scroll down for more info!

  1. Fogliolina, Introduction-Only

  2. Mikuriya, Traditional Japanese Breakfast

  3. RK Garden, Vegan Cafe

  4. VEGIBIER, Wild Game & Local Vegetable Cafe

  5. Yukawatan, French Fusion



  • This introduction-only Italian restaurant only serves 1 seating per day, and only presents a particular menu for a few days, after which the same recipe is never reused

  • Reservation via introduction-only

  • Tabelog | Google Maps



  • Perfect place to experience traditional Japanese breakfast in Karuizawa, which serves locally harvested rice in a ”Kamado” (traditional Japanese stove)

  • Walk-in only (I would recommend visiting early in the morning to avoid a long wait - they are open from 7:15AM)

  • Website | Tabelog | Google Maps


RK Cafe

  • An adorable vegan cafe in Karuizawa with beautiful outdoor terrace seatings, surrounded by trees and plants; during the winter months, they relocate to a warmer indoor venue just down the road!

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • A cafe in Karuizawa renowned for its dishes with local vegetables and game; highly recommend their “Vegibier Meat Loaf Sandwich” for lunch

  • Walk-in only

  • Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • An innovative French restaurant located in Hotel Bleston Court by Hoshino Resorts, which has received the prestigious “Bronze Award” by Tabelog

  • Book via phone: (0)50-5282-2267

  • Website | Tabelog | Google Maps



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