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Top 5 Restaurants in Nagoya

I previously shared my favourite cafes in Nagoya, one of Japan's foodie hot spots. Below are my Top 5 picks around the city (in alphabetical order) from a hole in the wall lunch to world-renowned fancy dinner, scroll down for more info!

  1. Reminiscence, Modern French

  2. Shishimaru, Ramen

  3. Suzuya, Tonkatsu

  4. Unafuji, Grilled Eel

  5. Unaharu, Grilled Eel



  • A two-Michelin starred Modern French restaurant, inspired by "resonance and memory" - the Chef's playful and stunning cuisine is guaranteed to make the meal an unforgettable experience

  • Book online (Japanese only)

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • A unique ramen shop that serves noodles in a white and creamy soup instead of the traditional transparent-brown base

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Facebook | Google Maps



  • Enjoy the special Nagoya-style Tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet), served with “Miso-Katsu”, a sweet-and-savoury miso-based sauce made from dried bonito stock, sugar and other moorish ingredients

  • Book via phone: +81 (0)52-241-3752

  • Tabelog | Google Maps



  • This renowned Unagi (grilled eel) spot in Nagoya is so popular with domestic tourists, expect to queue 1-2 hours during peak hours. Renowned for their "Hitsumabushi", which is crispy on the outside yet fluffy on the inside

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • A lesser well-known "Hitsumabushi" (grilled eel) option compared to the above, but just as good! This is the perfect alternative if you don't have the patience to queue for your meal

  • Book via phone: +81 (0)52-962-8055

  • Website | Tabelog | Google Maps



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