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Top 5 Restaurants in Gifu

If you're making a trip down to Nagoya, I recommend renting a car and driving to Gifu, which is a neighbouring mountainous prefecture. Below are my Top 5 picks (in alphabetical order) from a walk-in lunch to an introduction-only dinner, scroll down for more info!

  1. Curnontue, Delicatessen

  2. Kotte-Ushi, Wagyu Sushi

  3. Shinanoya, Udon

  4. Tsubameya, Wagashi

  5. Yanagiya, Fire Grilled



  • This charcuterie cottage is located in the middle of the mountains - the breathtaking nature-filled drive en route makes it worth the trek

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Facebook | Google Maps



  • This wagyu sushi specialty store is located in "Takayama", a beautiful town near the "Hida" region, which is famous for its premium beef

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Google Maps



  • This small cottage serves handmade udon (thick Japanese wheat noodles) and is only open 3 days a week on Thursdays to Saturdays

  • Walk-in only

  • Tabelog | Facebook | Google Maps



  • Highly recommend their takeout "Warabi-Mochi" (a traditional jelly-like confection, made from Bracken starch and dipped in kinako, or sweet toasted soybean flour)

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • This introduction-only restaurant is located in the middle of the mountains in rural Gifu - it consists of multiple private rooms, each with its own “irori” style central fireplace

  • Reservation via introduction-only

  • Tabelog | Google Maps



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