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Top 5 Pizzerias in Tokyo

Pizzerias may be the last thing you'd expect to visit in Japan, but I've had some of the best pizzas in my life in Tokyo. Below are my Top 5 picks around the city (in alphabetical order), scroll down for more info!

  1. en boca, Yoyogi-Uehara

  2. PIZZA KEVELOS, Harajuku

  3. Pizza Slice, Daikanyama

  4. PST, Higashi-Azabu

  5. Savoy Tomato to Cheese, Azabujuban


en boca

  • Expect to find the most unique toppings here with seasonal Japanese ingredients! Make sure to order half-and-half to try as many flavours as possible.

  • Book via phone: +81 (0)3 5452-1699

  • Sister restaurants in Kyoto and Karuizawa

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps




Pizza Slice




Savoy Tomato & Cheese



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