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Top 5 Activities in Tokyo

Whether it's your first time in the Japanese capital or a Tokyo veteran, here are a few unique activities to add to your bucket list!

  1. Kabukicho Tower, Shinjuku

  2. Kusama Yayoi Museum, Bentencho

  3. Shibuya Sky, Shibuya

  4. teamLab Planets TOKYO, Toyosu

  5. Unique Shopping Experiences (multiple locations)

    1. Can Do

    2. Don Quijote

    3. Loft


Kabukicho Tower


Kusama Yayoi Museum


Shibuya Sky

  • An open-air observation deck located on the roof of the Shibuya Scramble Square skyscraper with 360° panoramic views

  • Book tickets in advance online

  • Website | Instagram | Google Maps


teamLab Planets TOKYO

  • The most "instagenic" immersive experience with four large-scale artwork pieces and two gardens

  • Visitors must enter barefoot, and there is a section where you walk through water, so dress appropriately! The underrated yakiniku restaurant in Nishiazabu can be used for range of different settings, with both counter seats and private rooms!

  • Book tickets in advance online

  • Website | Instagram | Google Maps


Unique Shopping Experiences

  • A Japanese shopping experience is not one to be missed - a few recommendations below:

    • Can Do: 100 yen store

    • Don Quijote: everything store

    • Loft: best for stationary



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