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Top 5 Restaurants in Kyoto

Planning a trip to the ancient Japanese capital? Below are my Top 5 picks (in alphabetical order) for a sit-down meal, from a rustic izakaya to Michelin-starred Kaiseki!

  1. Jiki Miyazawa, Kaiseki

  2. Kiyama, Kaikseki

  3. Kuishinbo Yamanaka, Wagyu Steak

  4. LURRA°, Innovative Fusion

  5. Sasakura, Izakaya


Jiki Miyazawa




Kuishinbo Yamanaka

  • Delicious old-school wagyu steak house - highly recommend their "hambaagu" (Japanese Salisbury steak) for lunch, which is great value for money!

  • Book via phone: +81(0)75-392-3745



  • An innovative fusion restaurant that received a Michelin star just a year after opening - the 3 owners have a combined experience at the world-renowned NOMA and Quintessance, as well as featuring on Forbes Japan's "30 Under 30" list

  • Book online



  • A hidden gem izakaya tucked away down a quiet alley just a few minutes from Karasuma-Oike station, which opened nearly 3 decades ago

  • Book via phone: +81(0)75-252-3210



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