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Top 5 Restaurants in Hokkaido

Making a trip to the nature-filled Northern prefecture? Make sure to rent a car to check out my Top 5 picks (in alphabetical order). Scroll down for more info!

  1. Araki, Tempura

  2. Farm Tomita, Soft Serve

  3. Furano Burger, Burgers

  4. Molière, French Fusion

  5. Yuiga Doxon, Curry




Farm Tomita

  • This stunning farm in Furano is famous for its melon and lavender - highly recommend their soft serve mix to try both flavours!

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps


Furano Burger

  • This casual restaurant featured on Tabelog’s Top 100 burger spots in Japan is located next to a huge corn field in Furano - the beautiful drive makes it worth the trek!

  • Walk-in only (best to queue 20 minutes before open time to avoid a long wait)

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



  • The 3 Michelin-starred French restaurant in Sapporo has the most delicious food, incredible service and is incredible value for money!

  • Book via phone: +81(0)11-631-3155

  • Website | Tabelog | Google Maps


Yuiga Doxon

  • This rugged and cosy restaurant in Furano is renowned for their flavourful curry - make sure to ask for a free rice refill!

  • Walk-in only

  • Website | Tabelog | Instagram | Google Maps



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