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Top 5 Takeouts in Tokyo

Looking to treat yourself with a delicious takeout in Tokyo? Below are my Top 5 picks from juicy burgers, vegan curry to the best Peking duck rolls in town.

  1. Aldebaran, Roppongi

  2. BGM, Hiroo

  3. Chugoku-Hanten, Mita

  4. Juban Ukyo, Azabujuban

  5. Torisawa, Nakameguro



  • Hands down my favourite burger spot in Japan - they’ve set up a drive-through handover station outside the entrance, so you feel completely safe picking it up!

  • Book via phone: +81(0)3-6434-7800



  • The cafe produced by the Michelin-starred Ode opened last Christmas Eve, and now offers vegan curry takeout prepared with more than 20 types of vegetables

  • Walk-in only



  • These are hands down the best Peking duck rolls I've ever had in my life, let alone for takeout! Each roll usually costs ¥2,800 for eat-in, so this takeout bento is amazing value for money, as you get 2 rolls in each box!

  • Book via phone: +81(0)3-3798-1381


Juban Ukyo

  • The perfect option when you're in the mood for truffles - highly recommend their "Truffle Wagyu & Egg on Rice"

  • Book via phone: +81(0)3-6804-6646 | UberEats



  • The popular yakitori restaurant offers takeout bentos, including the "soboro" (minced chicken) on rice as well as "oyakodon" (egg and chicken on rice)

  • Book via phone: +81(0)3-6303-4994



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